Our History

In 2010, Hassan and Summer started trying to figure out something different for their lives and dreams. Since then, they have been working in the design world in search of the areas of design that inspire them the most. They had been looking for handcrafted designs and ideas from around the world and finally realized that one of the most beautiful items in the history of the world that contains shine, smell, colors, vibration, tones, textures, as well as functionality...is leather.

Hassan is from Colombia and started making trips to find the best resources and handcraft artists around Colombia.  He wanted to feel a connection with the leather and experience firsthand what it means to handcraft leather goods, so he started to get involved with the design process.  He learned the process of making leather crafts from start to finish—from the processing of cowhides at the tannery, to selecting the exact hides he wanted to use for his creations. He learned the various techniques and tools used to handcraft leather, including making molds, cutting patterns, lining interiors with various skins, hand-stitching with fine Italian thread, and hand-painting edges. Hassan learned that the creation of leather items by hand is a true art form and contains craftsmanship that is rarely found these days.

Hassan and Summer, founders of Niteo Designs, work together to create designs that they think are the most useful and appealing to their customers, as well as the most beautiful! While artisans in Colombia produce their designs, Hassan and Summer are fully involved in the design of each individual item.  Their goal is to create items that are beautiful for interiors as well as functional for designers and artists.